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Looking in the mirror.

This year, I’ll turn 32.  I spent most, okay maybe all, of my teens and twenties hating my body. Too much here, not enough there. Too wide, too soft, too something. And that’s despite the fact that from the time my husband and I started dating, he constantly voiced approval, desire, and appreciation of me,… Continue reading Looking in the mirror.

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The Mystery of Miracles

I was listening to our local Christian radio station this morning on my way to work and I caught the end of a caller sharing how her son was in terrible condition following some illness or accident and how God healed him despite the doctor’s grim prognosis. At first, I smiled a grateful “He can… Continue reading The Mystery of Miracles

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To you he’s just a baby boy, but to me…

I’ve always found the way strangers ooh and aww over a stranger’s baby to be odd. Perhaps because I’ve never done it. Having walked the path of infertility, miscarriage (six times for that matter), then child loss (after our five month old daughter passed away), I have spent most of my adult life avoiding babies,… Continue reading To you he’s just a baby boy, but to me…

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Faith to write in ink.

There’s something about kids, babies, and pregnancy that leads to a lot of counting on the fingers. We find ourselves counting weeks down and weeks to go, marking special dates and anniversaries, planning out appointments, and anticipating milestones. Optimism and faith after my first miscarriage helped me get past my fears, and I bravely scribbled… Continue reading Faith to write in ink.

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Open adoption is opening your heart.

Open adoption is a concept that is highly misunderstood. Often even the mention of openness in adoption is met with uncomfortable looks, from everyone from prospective adoptive parents to friends at church to strangers in the grocery store. That discomfort is born from fear. And let me tell you, open adoption is nothing to fear… Continue reading Open adoption is opening your heart.