Master Bedroom Update.

To chalk paint or not to chalk paint?  That might not be what Shakespeare meant, okay. I had my own Hamlet moment over Spring Break, but instead of holding some knife it was a quart of chalk paint. But seriously, is it nobler to break down and just buy new stuff, or takes arms and… Continue reading Master Bedroom Update.


My Pinterest-Perfect Pantry Project.

Check out that title... #alliteration I love having a pantry. Our kitchen at our old house was large and open after we moved the L-shaped peninsula bar and turned the kitchen into a large U-shape with a butcher-block island. It was probably the best feature of the house, to be honest. But, it still had… Continue reading My Pinterest-Perfect Pantry Project.


Repose Gray paint and new lighting.

For my thirtieth (EEK!) birthday, Jake has hired professional painters. Yes, DIYing would be cheaper and possibly more fulfilling, but doggone it, Jake hates painting. HATES it. And our original plan was to have this done by painters some time while Mira was in the hospital for her Glenn, her second open heart surgery, that… Continue reading Repose Gray paint and new lighting.